Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Graduation Day!

I stopped blogging for a bit. I think I got a bit superstitious or something. And for a while I wasn't having very many symptoms...still tired and bloated but it's so easy to attribute that to the support drugs rather than the pregnancy itself.

Then the tiredness and nausea started in with a vengeance. Not fun. Not so bad that I felt I needed medication, but enough to make me feel quite miserable. I wasn't having "morning" sickness, for the most part. My sickness was about 2pm-4pm sickness. And occasional 8pm sickness. And general exhaustion all the time (another reason I didn't want to try the nausea drugs - one of the symptoms is increased tiredness).

Today was bad. I just feel terrible. Ill and even eating isn't helping, which has always worked before.
It's all worth it though. Because today I got to see my little tiny baby again - second vaginal ultrasound. Looking much more formed, less blobby...and a STRONG! FAST! heartbeat. So precious and amazing and special and I am so in love. This is really happening. My body makes two heartbeats!

So now that I'm 8w5d and the heartbeat is in the appropriate range (170bpm), my clinic is kicking me out and I'm off to the midwife. It's weird - I'm going to miss the nurses and everyone at the clinic, but I'll be really glad to stop pulling out the credit card every visit. I can just be a normal person with a normal pregnancy.

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The clinic says I can stop my vaginal meds now, which is fantastic. Two months down, just less than seven to go. *MASSIVE EXCITE*

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