Friday, 25 March 2016

6 weeks

Apparently today marks halfway through the first trimester. But of course the first trimester is shorter because the first two weeks you're just waiting for ovulation...
In my Pregnancy Journal I'm using, it says I'm "beginning week 5" (of gestation) which is beginning the 7th week after the last menstrual period.Ugh this math.
It's ok. I'm going by The Bump app, which says I'm 6 weeks today.
Still feel fine. Slightly sore boobs, but less sore than before. Very occasional very slight nausea. Quite tired. That's pretty much it. I'm pretty boring over here.

I am irritated that my group benefits plan classifies Endometrin as a "drug for the treatment of infertility" (and therefore included in my already-maxed lifetime limit). I assure you, I'm not taking it for that...there's a baby in there and I'm taking it to maintain my pregnancy! And that's another $360! I need to figure out how to appeal a decision. But I don't think they will answer phone calls on Good Friday. 

Looking forward to my first ultrasound on Tuesday morning! But for now...more waiting.

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