Saturday, 13 February 2016

Useful contests and give-aways

I like to troll the contests & freebies sites in search of good deals. I've actually won a few things (a weekend getaway was my biggest win) and if I'm not doing anything else useful I'll scroll through the offerings on my laptop and enter relevant contests.

Here are a couple I've found recently that may be of interest to my readers.

This contest is to win a fertility pack, including a saliva ovulation predictor kit, sensitive pregnancy test, basal thermometer, and a $100 Visa gift card:

Here's a link to a promo code that gets you a free body band or 2 free belly bands, just pay shipping (these are covers for pregnant bellies that allow you to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy pants). I ordered one of each:

It was rather hard for me to admit I might need the next product, but free is a whole lot better than paying for Depends: 

I'm not making money on any of these - just trying to spread the joy! I figure this is costing too much as it is for all the medical interventions, so every cent I can save on other necessary things is a good thing.

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