Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Trigger time!

My follicles grew so much yesterday! Things look good for my Friday transfer.

I was not expecting needing to give myself more meds today. I expected the orgalutran but they had me do another 150 menopur and then 150 gonal f at noon. That was annoying because I thought I was being so clever using up my ends of shots the other night...and then I had to buy another 300 iu pen anyway and only use half of it. Ugh. Nothing to be done now.

I also got to buy the trigger shot which had to be refrigerated.  They premixed it for me which was nice. And I had to give it right at 10pm. Done and done.

The hcg actually hurt a bit...not the needle but the site started to feel a bit sore about 30 seconds post injection.

But no more shots!!!! Other than the iv for the retrieval but that is different.  I don't have to give it to myself. So glad to be done shots.

Tomorrow will be weird. Nothing to do but wait.

And I can finally stop carrying around my little injection bag (an old makeup case). Yay!

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