Sunday, 21 February 2016

Stimming & Testing - Part I

Day 2 of stimming I woke up with a wicked headache. Called the nurse line and they told me that was normal; I could take tylenol and needed more electrolytes. They recommended Gatorade (YUCK) or coconut water (thank goodness).

I was on 150iu Menopur in the morning and 150iu of Gonal-F in the afternoon. The injections were going fine. I stuck with sitting on the floor for the injections and still needed to breathe a LOT and go through the motions a few too many times before actually getting up the nerve to stab myself with the needle. I think it was the evening of the second day that I screwed up and grazed myself with the needle before chickening out so I had to do it twice. That sucked, but I used a new needle just in case nicking my skin dulled it in any way. They give you tons of needles, so why not.

On day 4 I had a bit of dull pain on both sides. I think I was feeling my ovaries for the first time! But the feeling went away and hasn't returned.

Day 4 was also my first blood test. They called me in the afternoon and told me to up my Gonal-F to 300iu/day. This was irritating news - I wanted to respond to low doses to save money! I had thought that because I'm a fairly small person I would respond to lower doses but apparently not. Maybe my metabolism is too high? I don't know why, but now that stupid expensive Gonal-F pen only lasts three shots. Ouch.

Speaking of meds, I had to go into the clinic Tuesday morning to buy more meds because of the increased dose - I didn't have enough Gonal-F for my Tuesday evening injection. Irritating. At least the clinic is on the way to work.

That evening I went to a movie after work, which meant doing my Gonal-F injection in the car in the parking lot at Metrotown. Low point. The steering wheel got in the way of a good angle so I gave myself a huge bruise, too. Ugh.

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