Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Still not done

I'm sitting in the clinic waiting room. I've done 12 days of stims so far and have been in for tests Monday, Tuesday and am back today (Wednesday).  So tired, both from waking up early to come in and from the meds. It is hard to focus at work and hard to not just be grumpy and frustrated all the time.

Work has been quite good to me though. They are understanding of my unspecified need for endless medical appointments  and changing schedule and terrible attention span. I wish I didn't need to work though. Seems like many people doing ivf take time off.

Yesterday was the first time I needed to buy a whole day of meds all at once. The joyful moment when you realize this is costing  $550/day on meds alone?? Wow.

Doc said yesterday that retrieval is likely Friday.  But my follicles were still so small. I hope something miraculous shows up today and I intend to ask more numbers questions today so I know a bit better where I stand.

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