Monday, 29 February 2016

My sparkling vagina

You get to stop shots (YAY!) but then you quickly devolve into the joy that is insertables. I get Endometrin, an oblong tablet that you have to attach to a stick and then insert vaginally. They decompose up there and the progesterone fixes all the mess that the stimulation hormones did to your system. Apparently bodies that go through egg retrieval don't want to get pregnant on their own. Not that my body wanted to get pregnant on its own anyway. But I digress.

Endometrin: "Effervescent Vaginal Tablets." Yes, effervescent.

(In case you can't tell on the screen, those rainbows are actually sparkly. I put in lots of effort into my offended stick-woman. Crafts are awesome, even half-assed ones.)

I was so disappointed it doesn't feel like a champagne party in my ladybits. Nope, just chalky disgusting discharge that makes me wonder if any of the progesterone is ending up inside me or if I am spending all kinds of cash in exchange for super sexy goo on pads. So even if my doctor said I could have sex (the instructions say no intercourse and no orgasms. Damn their specificity!) no one would touch me with a ten foot pole. Even the ever gracious Aion. Because ew.

The day after the egg retrieval we got our day 1 update: 7 of the 8 eggs retrieved were mature, and all of them fertilized with ICSI. Such a relief. They gave me a time for a day 3 transfer and told me they'd call that morning after 8am to tell me if the transfer would proceed or if they would push to day 5. Super convenient, right? I left for work late so I could take the call, because if I was having the transfer I needed to take Aion into town with me, but I didn't want to drag us both in if it wasn't necessary. Good choice...because ALL 7 made it to day 3, with 3 clear gold star front runners. More relief. The embryologist actually sounded quite pleased with himself on the phone. So we're both thrilled and hopeful and anxious and all over the place (the last one is mostly just me).

It is super weird to think of how there are 7 possibilities sitting in a dish. My genetic material in a lab outside of my control. Such potential. It's exciting and hard and I do not know how on earth I will make it to a pregnancy test when I can hardly stand waiting for transfer.

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