Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hysteria Scope!

I realize I forgot to write about my hysteroscopy, which I had on about day 8 or so while I was on the pill. I was confused I needed yet another 'checking out my insides' procedure, given I have already had two HSGs and a laparoscopy...but what the hell. All the scopys.

The HSG just takes pictures of your insides from the outsides by filling up the insides (including the tubes) with contrast fluid. I had mine at the hospital because it needs x-rays.

My hysteroscopy took place at my clinic. It is an awful lot like an IUI - speculum + catheter, but the catheter is attached to a monitor and there's a camera at the end, so you can see all your squishy insides on the monitor. It's hilarious. I could see the pinkish walls of my uterus (doc said my lining was lush!) and every so often, a thread of white floated across the screen - I guess some kind of cervical mucus. The procedure itself was less than 5 minutes. Like an IUI, it was uncomfortable. I had a slight bit of cramping and a bit of bleeding afterward, but nothing too shocking. Easy peasy.

I understand the need for the hysteroscopy is to look for uterine polyps. They can even be removed during the procedure! But I was polyp free. Hooray!

I wanted to take a picture but I forgot my cell phone. Oops. (I tried to google 'scopy' to get a picture for here but all I found are motorcycles?)

Ok, here's one that looks pretty much like mine did:

The best part was the heating pad, which warmed the place for my butt and then kept the cramps a bit at bay. Don't know why they don't do that for an IUI - maybe it's not good for sperm.

The worst part was, like I commonly do with medical procedures, I had some silly blood pressure thing during the exam and so I had to sit on the table for a few minutes before they would let me get down. Probably my fault for not eating lunch first. I'm trying to learn that lesson but I'm really not very good at it!

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