Saturday, 27 February 2016

A moment's respite

I can't explain the joy of Thursday, the day of no holes in my skin. No shots, no blood draws, no nothing. Calm.
Of course my thoughts were racing and I spent a great portion of the evening googling tips for successful egg retrieval. There weren't a great many tips...people seemed to say that the retrieval was pretty straight forward and, aside for a bit of bloating etc afterward, not particularly eventful. Perfect.
Before bed, I wanted to re-read the instruction sheet that the clinic had given me - things like what to eat and when, what to wear and bring to the clinic, etc. I couldn't find it. I mean, I had read it on Wednesday and mostly remembered what it said, but there is reassurance in having the piece of paper in front of me and I wanted the reassurance. So I asked Aion.
"Oh. That. You want that?"
"Um...the dog...kind of ate it."
We retrieved the piece of paper (well, the shreds of paper) from the garbage bin. Tiny itsy bitsy bits of paper. Shredded in the exceptionally perfect way so as to render completely impossible any sort of useful reconstruction.
So, my prep was a mix of what I remembered and common sense. No fragrances. Shower before coming in (Ok, cuz I had totally planned to go in stinky and disgusting?) Light breakfast. Check. We got this.

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