Wednesday, 11 November 2015

TWW Day 10

I did fine when I was at work. But to be home today is not so much fun. I need to be distracted. I've done some yoga and ate healthy food and googled a LOT and tried to convince myself that testing is a really terrible idea. I will not test. I WILL NOT.

So far today I have:
  • checked Pinterest for pins labelled TWW and 2WW
  • found out MaybeBaby's due date, if MaybeBaby exists
  • came up with the name MaybeBaby. I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with this but I think it's hilarious...
  • Googled camomile tea and trying to conceive, because I remembered I had some yesterday and will never ever have anymore ever again because there's a slight possibility it might be bad for early pregnancy
  • entered a bunch of contests on ContestsCanada, including some for baby stuff (I know I know...)
  • Googled 10dpo, got annoyed at how many people are proudly proclaiming in their blogs and forums that they got a BFP on day 10.
I am pathetic. And so very disappointed in myself.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

IUI #2

After last month's mess, I was SO RELIEVED to get an absolutely clear positive two nearly identical lines this month on day 15. It was the first actually obvious positive I've had.

Interestingly, the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor did not say I was having a peak, or even a 'high'. I also never get lines (at all) on the sticks for the monitor. I don't know, perhaps I'm incapable of peeing correctly on sticks. In any event, with the clear positive from the First Response, I went in for IUI on day 16, Nov. 1.

I did take my BBT on days 16 and 17 and it appeared to shift. So that's good. But then I got lazy and stopped temping and who knows what is happening now.

So I'm smack in the middle of my two week wait. Feel much better this time, at least at this point. Less crazy. Less obsessive. Less aware of my stomach and gas and whatnot. It helps that I'm tremendously busy at work and there is simply no time to sit around and obsess. Of course, when I do stop to think, I panic about how much stress I'm under at work and figure this cycle's hopeless. So much for moderating stress, getting enough's not like I can tell my employer that I need less stress at work because I'm trying to get pregnant. I know there are human rights to protect me, but that just seems like a really bad conversation to have right now.

I've been keeping up with the acupuncture. If nothing else it is an hour per week of focus on me and the possible baby and mindfulness and stress-relief. This week I had a whole bunch of needles in my head. It was hilarious. I wish I could have looked in the mirror.