Sunday, 13 September 2015

Plans for my next TWW

Since my first TWW went so completely sideways, I have been thinking about ideas and plans to stay more positive and ruminate less this month. I think that perhaps, if I think about this now when I'm relatively level and in between trys, I will have a plan that I can then execute. I like plans. I'm kind of thinking about this like an advent calendar of sorts. A plan for each day. Something to look forward to.

So here's my rough plans for this upcoming TWW. This assumes day 0 is a Monday, as some of these things (e.g. facial) need to happen on particular days.

Day 1 - Dinner with Aion. We had dinner together last month  on day 1 too and I'm always up for a date night.

Day 2 - Chalkboard picture. We also did this last month - those 'how many weeks' belly pictures. I know it's kind of silly to take a picture so early as it will be the same for months, but I think it makes for a nice symmetry if we can manage to keep up the tradition throughout any pregnancy. So we'll delete the two pictures from last month and take new ones for however long this takes. Yes, maybe silly, but I don't think there's anything wrong with a little silliness.

Day 3 - Thursdays are my acupuncture days. I will be sure to mention if I am feeling stressed, because I really felt that the acupuncture worked to bring me down last week.

Day 4 - Yoga for fertility. There are several youtube videos that I have been meaning to check out. I'll be sure to blog about how that goes!

Day 5 - Facial! I have a coupon so I've been meaning to schedule one, and having it during the tww sounds like a great way to relax. Although I will be careful to not have too much steam (to avoid raising my body temperature too much). I'll also let the esthetician know that I could be pregnant, to make sure any scents are pregnancy-friendly!

Day 6 - Sundays are great days for a nice hike in nature. And as a bonus - I actually enjoy hiking in a light rain.

Day 7 - Mondays are very busy for me. I doubt I'll need to worry about keeping myself distracted - life does that for me once a week! But I will also do chalkboard picture #2. With lots of fingers crossed.

Day 8 - Last month, it was about day 8 when things started to get tough. I think the second Tuesday is an excellent time to go see a movie with Aion.

Day 9 - Time to try out another yoga youtube video.

Day 10 - Acupuncture again. Focus on making implantation happen, if it has not yet occurred.

Day 11 - (Virgin) drinks with some girlfriends. Gossip and silliness.

Day 12 - We've been planning to go to one of the local 'Escape Room' things with family. We will probably follow that up with a nice dinner.

Day 13 - Hike, or perhaps go shopping. Yoga.

Day 14 - Pee on a stick! Cry, regardless of the results.

I'm feeling good about this. I like plans. I think that having a plan will help me focus. And now I know a bit of what to expect, I can stop paying attention to all my PMS symptoms and/or digestion and just get on with my life. Right? Right. I've got some pretty great things in here to keep me nice and distracted and thinking about what I can look forward to in the present, rather than thinking about what month my child will be born in if I conceive this month, so...that's got to be an improvement. I hope it works.

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