Friday, 25 September 2015

More sticks, more pee

Isn't this fun???

This week I've had the joyful experience of peeing on sticks in all kinds of odd and unusual (for me) circumstances. I was at a couple different conferences and so got to wait out my 5 minutes in shadowy hotel stalls after slipping away in the middle of speeches. Thankfully there were covered disposal bins. Since I've been peeing on sticks I've happened to notice this disturbing trend of open disposal baskets in stalls...or worse, no bin at all and a sign directing you to take your garbage to the public sink area. Ew.

This isn't easy for me, and I have a fairly forgiving career where I get to, for the most part, work on a schedule that suits me and where no one tracks my washroom visits. It must be impossible for workers on an assembly line, or teachers, or...

And while I've been hoping for my dark second line, part of me really wanted it to not happen this week because I've just been so busy with the conferences and some other social event type things and those have required social drinking and it's just easier to have a beer than to make up some lame excuse. And tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and I did not want to have to cancel because I need to be at the clinic instead. So I am not disappointed that I didn't get my second line.

Except now I have to slip to the bathroom in the middle of my haircut, probably while I've still got dye in my hair, so that I can pee on a stick at the salon.

Such trials! Such tribulations! Such drama!

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