Saturday, 5 September 2015

First IUI (Oh please let it be the last)

The clinic had me come in at 1pm the day after my line stress. Aion came with me which I appreciated tremendously. When we arrived we were immediately ushered to the "Finance Department" (a desk) where we paid our $400 for the procedure, then went to sit in the waiting room forEVER. We read crappy magazines while another family came in and went for an ultrasound and another couple disappeared...somewhere.

We got taken into a room to sign papers and verify the donor number and then I got to undress from the waist down and get up on the stirrip table covered in a paper sheet. The false modesty is kind of hilarious. Aion insisted on holding my hand. Speculum and many, many instructions to 'relax'. I could not relax. Nope nope nope. Ugh.

Finally, squirt, cramping, ok, done. Unpleasant. No relaxing. Probably less unpleasant if I could relax. But nope.

And that was it. They gave me a half-sheet of instructions that basically say to take a home pregnancy test in 14 days and two requisitions for blood tests if I test positive. Oh, and an acknowledgement that the next two weeks might be 'hard'. I asked if there were any restrictions for the next two weeks - nope.

The drive back to work was hard. Being back at work was harder. At least it was a Friday afternoon. It is so hard to not think about it when you have cramps reminding you that there's some foreign DNA inside that could be so very exciting or so very disappointing. It was hard, and unexplicably so.

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