Sunday, 23 August 2015

Peeing on sticks

As I mentioned previously, I got an electronic fertility monitor a while back. I started using it one cycle just to check it out, but didn't use it all the way to 'peak fertility' because I went away and didn't want to travel with it if I didn't have to. So now that I'm "on cycle" I didn't feel comfortable relying on the monitor alone, because what if it doesn't work and I then end up wasting a month?

So I'm doubling down, because I have this darn monitor and want to use it but don't feel like I can trust it until its reliability is confirmed.

There is an added complication also. The monitor's instructions say to use first morning urine. My clinic wants me to test between 11 - 1. I'm sure the monitor could deal with some other pee, but maybe it wouldn't be as sensitive? Ugh.

And I wasn't keen on carrying the monitor and a test strip into the workplace washroom every day. A single stick is easier to be subtle about, more like an oversized, bright purple, crinkley tampon.

So I'm using the digital monitor to test first morning urine (starting on day 6, per the monitor's instructions) and then the normal sticks for the test between 11-1 (starting day 10, per clinic's instructions). Overkill, yes, but it makes me happy. Look, every cycle is *$%^@!& expensive. If I spend an extra $44 for a box of sticks to make sure I'm doing this right, so be it.

The clinic told me to use the normal sticks with the two lines, not the digital 'smiley face' ones. And then I have to call the clinic before 1pm the day that the line that changes colour is the same as, or darker than, the reference line. Insemination will take place the following day.

I picked up a box of 9 ovulation tests from London Drugs on sale for $44.95. They're sturdy and easy to use. No complaints so far, other than MAN the packages are hard to tear open; I'm using scissors.

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