Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pantone tests

You may be able to tell that I overthink things.

On Thursday morning, my fertility monitor said no surge.
I used the regular sticks at 11:30. There were two dark lines. But the results line was definitely not as dark as the reference line. So I'm sitting in the work washroom under TERRIBLE light trying to assess if the top of the line is 95% of the reference line and the bottom 90%, or some other variant...
The clinic said 'the same or darker'. Is 95% close enough? What about the 90% at the bottom?

Still in the washroom, I google pictures of other people's sticks. This is what it has come to, people, Looking at PHOTOS of PEE STICKS on the INTERNET. I'm so embarassed.

Then I wrapped my stick in a paper towel and brought it back to my office. I called Aion.

Me: "My stick is like...95%? Definitely not darker. Actually in this light it might just be 90%. Crap I don't know."
Aion: "You want me to do what with this information?"
Me: "I don't know. The clinic said it was supposed to be darker. I shouldn't call. But what if I should call?"
Aion: "Call?"
Me: "But I don't want to be the annoying person who calls when they gave specific instructions of when to call that I'm clearly annoying because this line is certainly not equal to or darker."
Aion: "Only you would think of this in terms of percentages."
Me: "Maybe I should check some sort of pantone test."

But I'm sitting in my office (which is private, but people do have a tendancy to open my door and walk in unannounced) holding a pee stick and I really need to just stop with that immediately. So I wrap it back into its papertowel and shove it deep in my purse to display to Aion that evening, work up my courage, and call the clinic. I swear I left the most ridiculously random, confused message EVER. And then tried to work for the next several hours while I waited for a return call.

When the clinic phoned back, the nurse just told me to come in the next day at 1. I asked about the lines. She says, "Oh, we're just looking for a change in colour from previous lines." "Oh." THAT IS SO NOT WHAT YOU SAID BEFORE.

I got home and showed Aion the lines. She agreed, about 90%. But then (about 7 that night) I tried one of those Wondo tests I had been gifted and it was definitely positive. And the next morning the fertility monitor showed a surge. So...yes, I used three different kinds of tests. Yes, overkill. But I just want to get this right.

Man, I felt better after the Wondo test. I needed actual confirmation. I do not want to get the timing wrong and mess up this change. Each chance needs to be the best possible chance. Too expensive otherwise. I'd be so mad if I didn't get pregnant and then had to sit around wondering if I screwed up my chances because I couldn't read an ovulation test.

Aion officially thinks I'm crazy. She might be right.

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