Friday, 19 June 2015

Recovering - First 48 hours

My recovery from my laparoscopy has been pretty fantastic. No real pain - I had one T3 a few hours after I got home and haven't had any need for pain relief since. When I needed the T3 it was mainly for hip pain (probably from them contorting me around during surgery) and a massive headache more than anything in my stomach area.

I did have a very scratchy, sore throat for about 24 hours. And immediately after surgery all I could think (besides feed me give me water) was how badly I needed to brush my teeth. Ugh, intubation is gross.

I am still quite bloated and full of gas but it's not made it to my shoulders at all so I'm thanking my lucky stars, as that seems to be the worst for most people. I can't say what I'm feeling is pain really...more tenderness or 'awareness' that something isn't quite right. And sometimes I get a feeling in my stomach that is like the feeling one gets before vomiting but without the nausea. It's hard to explain. But not bad at all. I'm wearing my stretchiest clothing for comfort.

I've left my bandages alone for now. My doc didn't give me any post-op instructions so I've been reading what others were told, and the majority of people seem to say they left their bandages on for about 48 hours. So I'm going with that.

I've just been taking it easy. The first maybe 12 hours I found it a bit hard to pee...I really HAD to but it just wouldn't work. Thankfully that resolved and now things are back to normal.Still haven't done #2, but given the bowel prep and my rather light diet day-of-surgery that's not a huge surprise. I'll try to have more water less tea today so I can get things moving.

The only other real symptom I have is a fair bit of blood from my lady-parts. It's like a medium-light day, but bright bright red. I had not planned for this and may need to take a quick trip to the store for some products. Oops.

I should also say that my darling spouse has been fantastic while looking after me. All the love.

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