Thursday, 18 June 2015

$11.99 Up and Down the Tubes

Bowel prep. Yuck.
I put it off until about 10:30 which is about 1/2 hour before my bedtime. Then I freaked out because what if I was on the can for hours and got no sleep before the surgery? Stupid.

Anyway, got some balls, laid on a towel on the floor, and chickened out. I won't lie. I made my wife help. And then I banished her out of the bathroom whilst my tummy urgled and burbled and was generally unpleasant-feeling.

The box says you're supposed to hold until the urge to vacate is strong, which is supposed to be 2 to 15 minutes. If I said I managed a minute and a half I'd be being generous. Ugh.

What followed was a rather miserable 20 minutes or so on the can. But it worked, I guess. All clean inside.

Then I had a quick bath where I soaked my belly button and washed it carefully with some surgical soap we had around the house from the wife's prior surgery. Then on went a pair of period-panties so if I sharted in the night it wouldn't be a tragedy. And that was that.

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