Sunday, 31 May 2015

Nothing to say, nothing going on.

Since I've got my laparoscopy date I have not really had much to do or think about baby-wise. Just waiting. It's pretty boring around here.

We do love going to garage sales, and I am rather thankful that we haven't come across one of those amazing sales that is full of baby things I would love to have. I mean, if I find THE PERFECT crib or something for super cheap I probably will buy it because I am going to get preggers sometime, but that is a rather silly thing to do when I am nearly a year away from the first possible day I could need one. So yeah.

Other than that, I was for a while peeing on sticks testing out my fertility monitor. Gosh I ovulate late, which I hope is fixed by the laparoscopy. I was convinced I would ovulate before I went away for the weekend with a bunch of girls, but after two days of 'high' I just decided to leave the monitor at home, because I was sharing a hotel room with three others and like...yeah. I was thinking that I could store a month of data prior to my laparoscopy so that it would be more accurate when I am actually using it, but since I was so late I don't actually know if it will help anyway. Does the laparoscopy change ovulation timing?

And then one of the girls on the weekend trip (who knows I'm going through this) told me she's late. First month trying. Straight people have it so easy. If she is, I'm thrilled for her, of COURSE. But seriously.

It's about 6 months since we first booked appointments and actually tried to start, rather than think about, ttc. We still haven't really started. But it's ok. All things in good time.

In other news, I decided since nothing else was going on that I should get my teeth attended dentist has been encouraging me to get my wisdom teeth out for, well, many years. And now my face is numb. I'm hoping that I have the two-week kind of numb rather than the permanent kind of numb. And I'm hoping that since I've had one set of unpleasant side-effects, my laparoscopy will go swimmingly. Just over two weeks until that surgery...hope my teeth-IV-bruise is gone by then so they can make another. LOL.

When did life start happening in two-week segments, before I've even started inseminating? Weird.