Saturday, 18 April 2015

On Hold

Well, the doctor said that the HSG results are just more evidence that supports her earlier clinical impression of endometriosis. My left tube is clear and working, but my right tube is dilated at the distal end (near the ovary) and though there was spillage, she suspects I would not be able to get pregnant if ovulating from the right side. And so she said that while I could try, given the expense it's probably best to wait for surgery (laparoscopy).

She recalled how I was pushing to get on the surgery waitlist at my initial appointment just in case this happened, and said I made a good decision given that the surgical waitlist is 6 months - now I'm "only" four months away.

So we now everything is on hold, likely until the end of the summer.

I think I was mentally prepared for this outcome. Of course I wanted to try next cycle and I was ready for that too...but I had a feeling or something.

I am very much looking forward to the possibility of less painful periods after the surgery. Even if I never get pregnant, that would be wonderful. I'm not looking forward to the surgery itself - I've never had surgery before and wasn't keen to start now, but what can you do.

At the moment I am most disappointed that I can't hit up the summer's garage sales for baby stuff. I mean, I probably will anyway, but it won't have the same joy. Too premature. Cart before horse. Etc.

More positives - I can continue to temp and get a few charts that will give me a good indication of how I work. And more opportunities to get healthier, eat better - which is so much easier in this season. All the fresh fruits -- ALL OF THEM.

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