Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fits and starts

This morning I called he radiology clinic again and got a lecture about how I was supposed to call in on day 1 (excuse me?!) They were all booked but I could be on a wait list. Or try again next month.

Good riddance. At least the receptionist was apologetic at the end and took the time to explain to me why the test needs to be done those particular days as opposed to later...apparently once one ovulates the shape of what they are looking for can chage and mess up the test. Fair enough. I had expected it to be that they were ensuring that I wasn't pregnant. I had my rant about immaculate conception all ready to go, had that been the answer...ah well. Probably best for everyone that the rant is not given breath.

Had my paperwork faxed over to UBC and left a long rambling message about how I had a failed HSG last month and so they should try to get me in this month as a priority. IT WORKED! They called me back just an hour or so later, got copies of the report from last month and had a radiologist check it out in advance so they can ensure they use the right protocol this round....and I have an appointment for test#2 on Friday. Cross fingers and toes for open tubes and no further signs of endo!

It was a bit of a rollercoaster few hours there though. At least I now feel like something is moving forward again.

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