Saturday, 4 April 2015

An attempt to fitbit

In my last post I said I was thinking about getting a fitbit / some kind of fitness tracker so I get inspired to be more fit pre-baby. So, true to form (have I mentioned how I love electronic gadgets?) the very next day I picked one up.

I did a fair bit of online research and settled on the Fitbit ChargeHR. Overall it wasn't that much more expensive than the Flex and had some really neat add-on features - I really liked the ability to see my exact stats on the band itself, I liked that it entered 'sleep mode' automatically rather than waiting for me to press a button, and the heartrate monitor was kinda neat too. I looked at some of the non-fitbit options as well, but the fitbit had so many positive reviews and several of my friends love their flexes.

But there is a problem. I have ridiculously tiny wrists. And so I checked the measurements, and it looked like the small would fit me...but it doesn't. I mean, there are appropriate holes so it stays in place as it is supposed to, but the top part of the band is not flexible and is way larger than the width of my wrist, so it kinda sits with big gaps on either side of my wrist getting caught on things and looking rather silly.

It's a real shame, because I like it. It's otherwise rather unobtrusive, comfortable and amusing. For example, the other night I must have been restless in my sleep because I apparently took 11 steps at 1:25 am. It's also been a huge reality check - I have a desk job and am apparently WAY too sedentary. I didn't get close to the 10,000 step goal any day this week. But wearing it has been helpful - one evening I chose to walk to the bank where I usually would have driven. And I used my headset for the phone and walked around my office during a teleconference. Small steps, but hey, not bad for a piece of rubber around my arm.

That said, I think the fact of the reality check is sufficient. One week and I'm well aware that I need to do better, be better than this. I don't think the fitbit is going to keep me any more accountable than I can keep myself on my own.

The other thing I will say is that it's not perfectly accurate. I mean, I suppose that should be anticipated, but I was quite surprised that it won't register steps while, for example, carrying a cup of coffee, or walking slowly, or similar.

Easy to use, amusing, and good for a reality check. But it doesn't fit and so it's going back to the store.  (Heart London Drugs' amazing return policy!!! The clerk told me to try it out for up to two weeks, work out with it, see what I thought and if I don't like it, return it - they go back to the factory anyway so no worries about my sweat all over it lol)

I may look for another fitness band that fits my needs a bit better, but really what I need is a little less laziness, not more technology.

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