Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spilling our guts

Ok, not really.

We went to our required Health Canada counselling appointment.

I'm not sure why this is required. I can't seem to find the law that says it is...and now that I'm thinking about it, I cannot see how this could actually be mandated by law. I'll keep looking. But it certainly is a requirement of my clinic, and thankfully my group benefits plan provides for coverage for a registered social worker, so that is who we saw. (This process is expensive enough...$130 from my group plan? I'll take it!)

The session is ostensibly to prepare future parents for the challenges and process of using donor products. Obviously we've thought this through and this is the only way we can get I think the questions are a bit silly. For example: we have no questions about whether to tell our child his or her genetic origins. Obviously he or she did not come from the two of us.

I suppose every appointment will be different, but for us it was just general topics of conversation that, I assume, were directed at finding out whether we'd thought about some aspects of this process. Simple stuff, like what was your childhood like? Cultural background and its importance. Whether we'd decided on an open donor or not. And some advice - be prepared for this to be a process. Take care of each other. Access resources if and when necessary.

Really, for us it just was another checkbox, a thing we needed to get done along the way. And now it's done and we can move onward!

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