Saturday, 7 March 2015

Let me keep my own blood dammit I need it.

Earlier this week was day 3, so I dutifully went for 'day 3' testing, along with an infectious disease panel, and time to find out about my CMV status. There was a really long line at the lab and I started getting antsy - I intended to be a few minutes late for work but it was shaping up to be over an hour late. I asked the staff if day 3 really meant exactly-day-3 or if I could come back the next day. "Not sure", the tech said. "You could ask your doctor."

Well, that wasn't much help. I went back to my seat, thinking that I was better safe than sorry. And waited. And waited some more.

Finally it was my turn. I went up to the counter and presented my requisition, which was met by a puzzled expression. the tech didn't know what all the tests listed were. She stared, first, at the term "DI Screen". I figured that out and explained to her what that was for. But to be sure, she wanted to fax my form to the lab's resource people so she could get the proper code for the tests I needed. She cheerfully told me, "Better safe than sorry!" I went and sat back down. And waited some more, while the people who arrived long after me came and went.

Finally I get called up again. I'm now super grumpy from not eating (again, not sure if fasting was required for my blood tests, I didn't eat breakfast that morning) and wanting to get on with it. The tech examines my veins, grabs the tiny needle and announces that she needs to wait for a second tech to help her switch vials. Only another few minutes, she says. I sigh and wait.

Oh my goodness they wanted a lot more blood. I'm sure some of these tests were duplicates of the ones I had last time, because goodness there cannot be that many more. And I needed to pee into yet another cup. God I hate peeing in cups. Seriously shy bladder any time a cup is involved. Even after I had my juice because blood tests make me feel faint. Free juice = the sole benefit of going to the lab.

I've always been a pretty healthy kid. Not too much going on medically aside from a small issue in my childhood. So I'm not used to all these tests and nonsense. I suppose I'll get used to it pretty quickly...

Glad that's out of the way. One more step closer...Looking forward to the results of the CMV...once I know that we can settle on our donor!

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