Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Incurring expenses

So I've gone and spent actual money towards this goal of mine. It's the first cash outlay - thus far everything else has been covered by Medicare. But I needed to be able to monitor my cycle whenever the clinic says go, so I dove in and bought one of these:

But I did not pay $250 for it, because that's ridiculous. I got it on Craigslist for $70 and bought extra pee sticks from costco.ca (ON SALE! $10 OFF!).

I'm not sure why I bought the monitor thing rather than just the sticks that tell you when you're ovulating. Partly fear of not being able to interpret the blue lines, I guess. But I'm now regretting my decision slightly, because I don't really want to have to carry this damn electronic thing around with me to work and back.

There's a whole process for recalibrating the thing because it keeps the previous owner's cycle data stored in it otherwise, but I found a nice tutorial about how to do that.

The instruction book is full of doom and gloom and DO NOT SHARE! nonsense directed at forcing the populace to buy more brand new monitors instead of making use of monitors of those who have finished their families. It says there is PEE!!!! in the monitor and there are DISEASES!!!! in pee and the monitor CANNOT!!!!! be sterilized.
"once your monitor has been used, it is contaminated with your urine, which may contain an infectious disease. There are no reliable methods for you to clean or remove infectious diseases from the monitor. It is for these reasons that we do not recommend that anyone use your monitor but you."
 Good grief, I guarantee there's more pee on a public toiletseat than on this monitor I bought from the nice (but slightly frazzled) pregnant mother of one. And what DISEASED PEE!!!! is on this monitor is at least 6 months old, I'd say. And you put the pee sticks in the monitor and then in the garbage. And then you WASH YOUR HANDS. So I'm not so sure where this horror comes from. But it is quite comical.

Sorry about all the CAPS in this post. But seriously. Diseased pee? Really? Good grief.

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