Saturday, 21 March 2015

I said I wouldn't...

I wasn't going to chart. Nope, not for me to keep voluminous records of every time my body did something or other. I'm just not interested in trying to decide if my cervical mucus is sticky or not. My clinic told me to pee on sticks, so I thought I'd just pee on sticks. I bought that fancy monitor thing. I bought extra sticks from Costco (which arrived yesterday in a gigantic box with bubblewrap...gotta protect those sticks!)

Of course I'm not peeing on anything unusual right now, because of the whole HSG fiasco. I'm in limbo, waiting. And it felt really unproductive. So I went to the store and bought this thing.

I actually went to two stores. The first had only regular temperature thermometers. So did the second...until I found the 'women's health' section, where they keep the basal thermometers. Why can't all the thermometers be in one place? Silly store.

Why did I do this? I didn't want to chart temperatures. I still don't. I think it's silly given that I still have to pee on the damn sticks. I guess I wanted to feel like I was doing something productive. Even though recording my temperature isn't all that productive. But I went to a group meeting thingie and everyone was going on about (I'll post about that later...I'm pretty impressed actually) and I wanted to feel included or something. So. Thermometer.

May as well review the thing, since I've now used it three whole times. It's a thermometer. It works just like the one I used as a kid. I think it might BE the one I used as a kid only with a pink top cap part that tells you it's really for women (gag). The beep is really quiet and doesn't wake Aion. But I can't read it in the dark so it forces me to actually get up in the morning...probably a good thing as I'm a chronic snooze-button abuser. And there's this feature that it is supposed to tell you the previous temperature reading if you turn it on again, but when I tried that this morning it did not give me the same reading as before. So that's not good. But given that I'm using the darn thing mostly for a lark / because I want to feel like I'm doing something and the results really don't matter all that much, I'm going to stick with it. For now. Until I get too sleep-deprived based on my lack of snooze-button.

Don't talk to me about sleep and babies. I don't want to know.

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