Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hellish Stupid Gram

OK, so that's a lame post title, but it's hard to come up with words for how I feel about today's news for I have to have another HSG. My doctor thinks he the radiologist just doesn’t do enough of them and so suggested I try again next month at Laurel. She seemed to think whatever went wrong was really unusual. Comforting.

If I'm like this before I've even done anything with sperm I can't imagine what the 2ww will be like. Maybe better because I'd at least be trying something instead of being in limbo.

Doctor says if this second HSG doesn’t work she wants to do a laproscopy before trying IUI. And there's about a 6 month wait for that. I'm so disheartened. I'm not getting younger or more fertile
 And I have some personal work-related reasons for wanting to be pregnant sooner rather than later.

I've never been good with patience.

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