Saturday, 28 March 2015

Buying things out of boredom

Whole lot of nothing is happening around here. Trying to track my temperature, but unable to discern any sort of pattern as of yet, probably doing something wrong, but it doesn't really matter so I don't really care. Fertility monitor and new pee sticks are sitting on the bathroom counter mocking me. I should probably put it away but I don't really have a place to put it and I don't want to create a special place "away" for it when I'm hoping I'm going to need it daily soon. Maybe that's silly.

Today I was at a thrift store that was having a sale on books, so I picked up "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" and "What to Expect - Eating Well When You're Expecting". They were dirt cheap so that is my justification - add $2 to my total conception costs! And I should eat well now in addition to when I'm expecting...

So I just looked and Your Pregnancy is now in the 7th edition, though mine is the 5th. Hm. At least there isn't a newer What to Expect...nothing newer than the 2005 copy I now own.

I'm also thinking of getting myself a fitness tracker and upping my physical activity, because even if I never conceive, being healthier is of course a good thing. And even though I've only been blogging for a month, you've probably figured out that I like electronic gadgets. It's a bit of a problem. But if I'm tracking my goddamn temperature by hundredths of a degree, why not track my sleep patterns and my heartrate and my physical activity and good grief.

I leave you with this, which is the first thing I saw when I opened to a random page in "Your Pregnancy" - a good tip for everyone, I think, but perhaps a clue as to why the book needed updating:

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