Monday, 16 March 2015

(A)Gendering my kid

I like thinking about what it will be like to have a baby, because all this scheduled appointment bs is unpleasant and frustrating and can be a bit all consuming. So when a friend who is busy raising her own toddler posted this link (Tomboys & Tiaras: Why I Don’t Want My Daughter To Hate Pink), it really got me thinking.

If I do manage to get pregnant, Aion and I are pretty committed to not learning our baby's sex prior to birth. We don't want everything pink or blue. We want a surprise. I've heard it makes labour easier (I think that's a crock, but hey...worth a try?) But most importantly we want to give our child the ability to be a person first.

But that certainly doesn't mean that we will avoid all references to the kid's sex, because, well, that's impossible. I'm not interested in conducting social experiments like these folks. And I'm super femme-y and like shoes and tutus and would totally put my kid in them, and I also find baby suits just KILLER and would put my kid in them too. So I don't know.

It's complicated, but isn't it just great that we live in a complicated world where these conversations are happening and we are not fleeing from the very shocking idea! that our child's private parts will define its future?

But let's be realistic. The kid's first outfit is probably going to be something like this:

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