Saturday, 28 February 2015

Making appointments

Things have been pretty quiet on the baby-making front this week.  Too busy having a social life! We did book our counselling appointment and I tried to find out more about what that would be like on Google. I didn't find any descriptions of what to expect, just people saying either 1) they found it helpful to think about some of the potential issues in advance and learn where to seek support,  or 2) they resented the requirement and if they hadn't thought through the implications of the decision they wouldn't be seeking donor services.

I think that there is something to that critique. For myself, I knew that I would have to get sperm from somewhere, so of course I have thought through the decision and what it means. For couples who are experiencing fertility issues, they have likely already tried for years and have had a long time to come to their decision too. So why more roadblocks?

I've never actually gone to any form of counselling, so this will be new for me. Aion has gone through quite a bit of therapy. So between her and what I do for a living I have a passing familiarity with the process and the buzzwords and whatnot. We'll see how it goes next week.

Other than that, I'm just waiting for a particular day of my cycle to have/schedule a couple other tests I need to complete.

We've avoided the sperm banks. I'm still a bit creeped out. And I don't want to make a decision only to find that for some reason I need to select another donor after all.

Oh, and I checked out our local bookstore's baby/baby-making section. Not a single resource for same sex couples. Disappointing, but I must say rather expected. I could order online, but I'm thinking of just getting something on my kobo. And of course I'll trek down to Little Sisters one of these days too...maybe once we're a bit further along the path.

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