Saturday, 21 February 2015

Going to the fertility clinic

We had our first meeting with the fertility clinic this week. First we had to fill out a short questionnaire. I had my blood pressure and weight taken. Then I got to dress waist-down in a paper sheet and get up on the stirrup table.
The technician requested our permission for a male medical student to observe our appointment, which I gave. Aion was somewhat surprised by that, because I'm a pretty private person...but hell, he's got to learn somehow and while I'm private about people who know me I'm oddly ok with strangers. He just watched the screen and kept silent the whole time so I had no complaints about that. What he's going to go back to class and tell his fellow med students I'm not sure...hah.

So I had a vaginal ultrasound and then physical exam. For the process itself, I was quite impressed...I have had less privacy with a pap smear. Everything was done pretty much by feel and I got to insert the probe for myself which I appreciated. And lots of lube. Soooooooooooooo much lube. The doc found and measured my ovaries and uterine lining and counted follicles. She measured one cyst also, and then poked and prodded around in there and on my stomach.

Aion said she was able to see things on the screen. It all looked like a blur of dots to me. I definitely saw my one ovary. As for the rest...sure, whatever, doc. Glad that's your job not mine.

The pronouncement, once I was dressed and in the office? I might have endometriosis, but she's not sure. She said she can perform surgery to properly diagnose and if so, treat the condition, but she recommends I try to conceive first and see how that goes. I said fine, but got myself on the waitlist for surgery anyway. That way I can try to conceive and if I can't I don't have to wait as long for surgery.

As much as I'm not thrilled about the possible endo, it makes some sense (I have pretty painful periods). The doc didn't seem too concerned and thinks I will be able to conceive without surgery. I hope she's right! 

I also have requisitions for yet more bloodwork (ugh) and an x-ray of my girl-parts (super-double-ugh) which I will have to do next cycle.

Other than taking care of the testing, we need to book an appointment with an assisted reproduction counsellor, which is apparently a Health Canada requirement. That is just one hour, and once that's done and I know one more thing from bloodwork I can order some sperm. So if all goes well it looks like we'll do our first IUI attempt in April on my natural cycle.

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