Sunday, 15 February 2015

Getting started

Well, after thinking about babies for years but purposefully avoiding information (because we weren't ready). I completely admit to having very little information about this whole process. I know that we can have a baby through the miracle of science. I know that other lgbt couples have done this and I thank them for paving the road for us. Other than that I'm just starting to read some blogs and check out what resources are out there on the interwebz. I am trying not to read too much: there are professionals we are going to have to pay to lead us through this process and I am trusting them to make sure I know what I need to know.

My very first step was to find myself a family doctor. I found a doc who was near to my house and accepting new patients. Score! At my first visit I did the usual first visit stuff - personal and family history, general physical exam. I explained that I needed a referral to a fertility clinic and that prompted a gigantic requisition for pretty much all the bloodwork that fit on the one page form. And that was that.

I hate bloodwork. I'm a fainter. I have to put my head down and they need to give me juice. It's ridiculous. And there were so many vials they needed!!

It took me a few weeks to get back to the doctor for my results. Apparently things look pretty good, through my progesterone is low so there may be something that needs to happen about that. I'll find out more when I speak with the fertility clinic...on THURSDAY. That seems really soon. This is getting a bit, well, real.

But I'm not sure I'm thrilled with my new family doc. I mean, I know that for the referral he needs to know certain information about my personal sexual and reproductive history. But asking me whether there was a 'relationship' rather than just sleeping with a guy, and asking me 'who is the male' in my relationship, and other such things, are completely unrelated to my medical needs and inappropriate. I don't want to look for another doctor again, but I just may have to. We'll see...first I'll see him again and tell him that similar questions are inappropriate and need to stop. If that works, maybe I can avoid the hassle. Is that taking the easy way out? Perhaps, but sometimes one just wants to pick one's battles.

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